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EverBlue's Team Building - Rafting Day

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EverBlue's Team Building - Rafting Day


EverBlue Chemicals had an interesting and relaxing rafting day to celebrate the completion of the sales target for months. Everyone had big smile in this big family to enjoy the day!

As we all know, 2020 is a tough year for both China and the world. Affected by the epidemic, the global economy was affected to varying degrees. For a long time, EverBlue has not only always regarded "For cleaner Air,For bluer sky" as mission,and always grow and progress together with the staff towards a better future!

From obscurity to the No. 1 brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid / Adblue /Arla32 in South China, EverBlue has gone through an extraordinary journey for ten years.

Brand of "EverBlue" is derived from the simplest wish of the founder : hope that each roads will be clean after using our product. This also reflects our belief and pursuit of quality and environmental protection.
"For cleaner Air,For bluer sky" is the most intuitive interpretation of EverBlue Chemicals.

At any time, as long as you need, we will definitely present our best!

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